On Watch in Washington

Federal Recycling Legislation Could Grab Attention in 2024

With 2024 being an election year, conventional wisdom would suggest that the elected leaders might concentrate more on the horse races than public policies this year; however, significant legislation has been working its way through Congress.

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Employee Owned

CNG and Others Reflect on Business Models Where Employees Have an Ownership Stake

Advocates argue that an ownership stake spurs employees to take a more active role in creating value and driving profits. But it also reduces turnover and can be attractive to potential employees.

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‘Suitable for Framing’

Judges of the Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition Identify Winners for 2024

The judges focus on picking the winners in six categories: expanding the use of flexible packaging, technical innovation, sustainability, printing, shelf impact, and packaging excellence.

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Here to Help

Closed Loop Partners Seeks Circularity Projects It Can Fund

The transition from a linear to circular economy is so complex observers have found that projects require expertise and investments from multiple stakeholders.

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Testing Films and Film Alternatives

Packaging Machine Manufacturer Examines Which Options Perform Best

Lantech doesn’t make flexible film or film alternatives. However, the international manufacturer of packaging machines has an interest in closely monitoring the evolving marketplace and efforts that might limit the use of virgin plastics.

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Cybersecurity: Learning From Others

Security Breach at MGM Resorts Offers Real-Time Lessons for Attendees at PACK EXPO Las Vegas

A cybersecurity expert presents tips on ways companies can prepare for a cyberattack.

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Reimagining FPA

Working Groups Revamp Fall Conference and Expand Memberships

The Flexible Packaging Association has long been the voice of flexible packaging industry, and that voice has been stretching to reach more places in recent years.

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The Billion(s) Dollar Question

The Recycling Partnership Outlines Initiatives

The Recycling Partnership is researching people who participate in store drop-off programs to figure out why and how they participate.

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2023 Milestones

FPA Members Mark Anniversaries With Trade Association

Nearly 60 years ago, a husband and wife team named their new flexible packaging com­pany after their two sons, Glen and Roy. Today, Glenroy, Inc.—the com­pany started by Herb, Ruth, and Roy Jablonka—still operates as a privately held company from its headquar­ters in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. “Glenroy is a third-generation, family-owned flexible packaging converter and […]

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Striving for Safety

SPMC® Continues Oversight of Packaging Excellence

Sterile packaging rarely penetrates the public’s consciousness, creating an awareness gap that the Sterilization Packaging Manufacturers Council has been striving to close since 1994 and continues with ongoing guidance on issues affecting the industry.

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Transitioning to Flexibles

New Guide Outlines Best Practices

Brands, particularly in the realm of consumer products, are eyeing a range of new materials to meet ambitious goals for creating more sustainable packaging.

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Students Capture Awards for 2023

Annual Contest Recognizes Work at Packaging Programs

The entries for the Flexible Packaging Association’s Student Flexible Packaging Design Challenge included short videos, where students explain the prototypes they developed. Several videos stood out because the students created strong marketing campaigns.

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Providing Opportunity for Women

Flexible Packaging Leaders Discuss Their Careers and Opportunities for Women and Others

Women running flexible packaging companies evangelize for the industry and its opportunities for people with talent and drive. And they agree that networking, the guidance of mentors, and the power of flexible packaging provide an open field for advancement and career fulfillment.

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Making the Business Case for DEI

Companies Say DEI Programs Promote Growth and Enhance Values

Employers say they recognize a moral imperative for ensuring their workplaces are inclusive and welcoming. But they also have been swayed by research into the business benefits of diversity.

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Encouraging Diversity

An Interview With Kuma Roberts, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Arrowhead Consulting

Creating opportunities instead of assuming they will happen is at the heart of Kuma Roberts’ work.

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Compass Report Provides Direction

AMERIPEN and PMMI Outline Growth Opportunities

A growing number of states are crafting extended producer responsibility laws that shift more of the cost for local recycling onto consumer brands. This report aims to help companies make the most of recycling opportunities.

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Packages Grab Award Spotlight

A Closer Look at More Gold Award Winners

The top winners of the Flexible Packaging Association’s 67th Annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition ranked in the categories of packaging excellence, technical innovation, expanding the use of flexible packaging, shelf impact, and printing.

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High Achievers

Innovation and Sustainability Efforts Garner Gold in Annual Contest

In all, 87 package entries were submitted in the 67th Annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards competition for a total of 230 entries—some packages were entered into multiple categories.

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Obstacles Surround Sales and Marketing Trends

Companies Push Forward as Sustainability Rules Shift

After taking a back seat to supply constraints during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, sustainability has returned to the driver’s seat with sales and marketing efforts

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Marijuana Laws Open Packaging Opportunities

Packaging Companies Tap New Market as States Legalize Marijuana

Now that nearly 40 U.S. states have given a green light to cannabis use, whether for medical or recreational purposes, marijuana has taken on various forms—and the packaging often is now designed to gain attention rather than deflect it.

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