Pregis Buys Technical Machinery Solutions

Pregis, a maker of protective packaging, bought Technical Machinery Solutions (TMS) of Illinois from its privately held owners, and the acquisition includes the Graphic Innovators business at TMS.

Pregis produces a lightweight, curbside recyclable all-paper mailer, branded as the TMS Eco Mailer™. The cushioned mailers can be recycled in all-paper recovery systems. The acquisition of TMS will enable Pregis to add another product to its e-commerce product offering that supports sustainability, the company said. Graphic Innovators was founded in 1991, specializing in engineering and remanufacturing of machinery and equipment. The company formed TMS to engineer a single-stream production line for the manufacture of lightweight, recyclable padded mailers. The curbside recyclable mailers save space, time, and money for e-commerce retailers, the company notes.