Sidel Opens Hub to Study PET Recycling

Sidel recently opened a new hub in Octeville, France, dedicated to studying polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling.

Sidel says the small-scale PET recycling pilot line will help it develop its understanding of PET recycling with the aim of giving comprehensive support to the market as it switches to greater use of recycled PET (r-PET).

“Seeking carbon neutrality, the packaging industry is in the middle of a transition period that aims to replace virgin PET with recycled PET,” Sidel said in a news release. “Sidel is engaging with this transition to circular packaging solutions, enabling r-PET to be more widely used.”

The new line will allow the company to develop advanced knowledge about the recycling of food-contact PET bottles.

“As Sidel packaging experts assess the impact of additives and primary packaging materials on r-PET resin, the facility will become an important reference for raw material producers, recyclers, and recycling regulatory organizations,” the company added. “The line will also enable Sidel to further develop its own knowledge, ideas, and innovative packaging solutions.”

The amount of r-PET in packaging globally has increased to 8% compared with 5% in 2018. In Europe, the average is already 15% and is projected to grow to 35% in 2030, the company says.

“There is a big move toward recycled PET, but demand is outstripping supply,” said Naima Boutroy, Sidel’s global packaging expert, in a news release. “The market still has a lot to learn, and we can provide valuable insights.”