Sidel Adds Solar Panels to Facility in Italy

Sidel Adds Solar Panels to Facility in Italy

Sidel recently installed a solar panel system at its site in Parma, Italy.

The 5,000-panel system will allow the industrial facility to generate 40% of its electricity needs by early 2024 and reduce its yearly carbon dioxide emissions by 871 tons, the company said in a news release.

“This reduction is equivalent to the carbon absorption of 43,500 trees,” according to the company, a global provider of packaging solutions for beverage, food, home, and personal care products in polyethylene terephthalate, can, glass, and other materials. “Phase one of the solar panel system is already operational, currently covering 20% of the site’s electricity needs.”

The project is part of the company’s overall environmental, social, and governance strategy. It also has added advanced LED systems, which has resulted in a 60% decrease in electricity consumption.

Additionally, by converting heating systems from natural gas to heat pumps, the site will further reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1,950 tons per year.