Schur Flexibles Group Buys Sidac in Italy

Digital Exclusive

Schur Flexibles Group has expanded its network in the Italian market by buying Sidac SpA, a packaging specialist.

“With its commitment to sustainability, the modern production plant in Forli (near Bologna) also complements the growth strategy of Schur Flexibles Group in Europe,” Schur says in a recent news release.

A flexible packaging manufacturer since 1929, Sidac makes products for the food, beverage, confectionery, and animal feed segments. The product portfolio primarily encompasses complex laminates supplied on reels and used in the ready-to-eat convenience food and pet food segment (stand-up pouches). “This comprises a market segment generating dynamic growth, thanks to the reduction of material use while maintaining a high level of functionality as a sustainable packaging alternative,” Schur says.

The integration in the Schur Flexibles Group also paves the way for Sidac to gain access to the entire European market. The companies did not disclose a purchase price.