Plastic Circularity Fund Takes Shape

Plastic Circularity Fund Takes Shape

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste recently announced that the Plastic Circularity Fund, which will be managed by Lombard Odier Investment Managers, is ready for investment in companies.

The fund secured private equity capital from institutional and other accredited investors. The Alliance is a seed investor with a $10 million capital contribution to the fund. Other investors to the fund include Alliance member companies Dow and LyondellBasell Industries, which are both members of the Flexible Packaging Association.

“There is a tremendous opportunity to turn plastic waste into a resource and drive economies of scale and economic returns,” according to the announcement dated September 12. “The Alliance partnered with Lombard Odier Investment Managers to launch the Plastic Circularity Fund to catalyze capital market investment in scalable solutions to remove plastic waste from the environment, increase recycling, and drive the global transition toward a circular economy.”

The Lombard Odier Group is based in Switzerland.

The Plastic Circularity Fund identifies investible opportunities across the value chain, including collection and sorting infrastructure; technology-enabled recycling infrastructure; and design solutions for improved plastic durability, reuse, and recyclability, according to the Alliance to End Plastic Waste.

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste also acts as a technical adviser, with experts offering advice on the technical feasibility, commercial viability, and scalability of plastic circularity solutions, as well as waste management technology and infrastructure.