InterFlex Deal Expands European Operations for TOPPAN

InterFlex Group, a global flexible packaging supplier and converter, recently completed the acquisition of Skymark Packaging International based in the United Kingdom.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. InterFlex Group is a subsidiary of TOPPAN, a global printing company based in Japan. TOPPAN bought InterFlex in 2021.

“With the acquisition of Skymark, InterFlex Group and TOPPAN expand their growing presence in the UK and the European Union, as well as extending their reach in food, converter films and nonfood segments,” TOPPAN said in a news release.

Headquartered in Scunthorpe, UK, Skymark’s sustainable flexible packaging products include specialty blown, flat cast, and embossed polyethylene and polypropylene films.

“This acquisition enables us to maximize synergies in the TOPPAN Group with its global footprint and accelerates expansion of our global packaging business,” said Masahiko Tatewaki, managing executive officer and head of global packaging at TOPPAN, in a news release. “Skymark’s blown and cast extrusion capabilities also allow us to strengthen vertical integration, our core business strategy.”

Graham Tilley, managing director of InterFlex Group, said the combination of Skymark and InterFlex Group will help drive sustainable packaging ambitions in mono-polymer and paper-based packaging.