ePac Flexible Packaging Says It Has Reached PFAS Compliance

Texas-based ePac Flexible Packaging recently reported it has reached compliance ahead of deadlines with regulations surrounding polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) substances and plastic packaging.

The company says it worked ahead to comply with state laws and regulations banning intentionally added PFAS in packaging before rules go into effect this year.

PFAS substances do not break down in water, soil, or the human body and have been identified as a potential health hazard. The company says 11 states have enacted legislation for various forms of packaging, with the first plastic packaging-related deadline in Vermont on July 1. Other states are considering legislation.

 “There is a lot of confusion in the market due to each state developing different legislation and establishing different deadlines for paper-based or plastic-based packaging,” said Dave Long, ePac’s vice president of product and market development, in a news release. “ePac and our supply chain partners worked hard to ensure early compliance so our customers would not have to worry about this and focus on safely growing their business.”

Founded in 2016, ePac began with a plant in Madison, Wisconsin, serving predominantly community-based brands. Today, ePac provides brands of all sizes the ability to produce orders in any of its 23 facilities worldwide, according to the company.