AMERIPEN to Hold Last Session on EPR Regulations in 2024 Webinar Series

AMERIPEN—American Institute for Packaging and the Environment will hold its final online session June 26, 2024, on preparing for extender producer responsibility (EPR) regulations, which will include insights from producer responsibility organizations (PROs).

The webinar titled “Lessons Learned from Brands and PROs” is the fifth session in a series that started earlier this year and that touched on state timelines for EPR, closer looks at data and how to collect it for EPR programs, and discussions of needs assessments.

“In this final webinar of the series, learn from producers and producer responsibility organizations (PROs) what they have learned and wish they had done or known sooner,” according to a description on AMERIPEN’s website. “This session will help attendees focus on the actions that matter to create best practices from the start.”

The website has information about how to register and the fees for members and nonmembers. The webinar is scheduled for 1 p.m. (EST). AMERIPEN held an initial set of webinars in 2023 with key takeaways from those sessions here.