2022 Merger Leads to New Branding, Corporate Name

Syracuse Label, Macaran Printed Products, and W.N. Van Alstine & Sons have rebranded under a new group name and corporate identity, The NextGen Label Group™.

The change combines the three operating units under one identity and better reflects the organization’s commitment to its employee owners and the customer communities they serve following a June 2022 merger, the company said in a news release.

“At the same time, it delivers on the promise to protect the rich corporate legacies that were brought together during the merger,” it added. “ … The new brand also underscores the company’s commitment to their customers by stressing next-generation quality, technology, and innovation, exemplified by an expanded press compliment and new innovations in the area of RFID (radio frequency identification).”

Tom Sargent, president of the NextGen Label Group, said in a release that the companies are “better together.”

“Moving forward with a unified group name, while maintaining the visual identities of each business unit, is in direct alignment to the commitment we’ve made to our employee owners and the proud legacies and brand equity established at those locations,” Sargent added.

The company says all sales, service, and accounting procedures and contacts will remain intact. The brand names of Syracuse Label, Macaran, and Van Alstine will continue to be used in the market. The new NextGen Label Group name and logo will be rolled out on different platforms and communications throughout the remainder of 2023.