Reaching New Audiences

Reaching New Audiences

Over the past several years, the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) expanded its social media presence. We need to be where the conversations are happening—82% of the U.S. population has a social networking profile, which equates to 223 million people, according to Statista. Globally, the number of people with an online presence reached 4.2 billion in January 2021.

We started with Twitter and YouTube, expanded to Facebook and Instagram, and recently added TikTok. Through those efforts, FPA built four brands to help share flexible packaging’s benefits and support our members and their customers.

The first is the FPA brand on LinkedIn (Flexible Packaging Association), Twitter (@FlexPack.Org), and YouTube (FlexPackAssociation). These speak to member and public policy relations; member and industry news; our packaging Innovation Showcase; member product spotlights, advocacy, and promotional posts; and webinars, events, and blogs.

The second is the Perfect Packaging brand on Instagram (@ThePerfectPackaging), Facebook (@ThePerfectPackaging), and TikTok (@ThePerfectPackaging). These speak to consumer and public policy relations, with brand product spotlights; daily, weekly, and monthly observances, like National Brownie Day; influencer posts, reels, stories, and blogs; and advocacy and promotional posts.

The third is SPMC® on LinkedIn (Sterilization Packaging Manufacturers Council). It highlights the medical packaging industry and the council’s work to ensure legislation on plastics, packaging, and packaging waste considers the requirements of medical device packaging in protecting patient safety. It also celebrates National Sterile Packaging Day.

And the fourth encompasses all these critical components of FPA’s mission: FlexPack VOICE® ( This website has articles, news, blogs, events, and thought leadership, including FPA’s Emerging Leadership Council and academic members. It also has member and product spotlights, industry innovation, advocacy, and links to all social media posts.

Industry engagement is critical to spreading the message about flexibles, particularly to consumers. Policymakers and regulators need to know about the importance of this packaging segment. From its role in food and medical safety to its environmental benefits, the flexible packaging message comes through on social media featuring viewers’ favorite brands and influencers, conveyed through short stories, messages, and pictures. They can relate products and packaging to happy moments, celebrations, and daily life.

Advocacy messages are key to alerting consumers to potential supply chain disruptions and increased costs of products due to unwarranted legislation and regulation and the unintended environmental and health consequences of bad public policy. So, for the benefit of FPA and the flexible packaging industry, I urge everyone to embrace social media and join our social media channels to help spread the word. Let’s reach large audiences and make direct connections with consumers that will build FPA’s brand, our members’ brands, and our customers’ brands.

Alison Keane, Esq., IOM, CAE President and CEO
Flexible Packaging Association