Let’s Unite for Flexibles!

2022 Offers Challenges and Opportunities

Let’s Unite for Flexibles!

A new year brings a renewed focus on the Flexible Packaging Association’s (FPA’a) core pillars: advocacy, communication, research, and networking. 2021 was not as unpredictable as 2020, but neither was it certain. FPA continued to pivot, pursue, and respond to the challenges and opportunities presented. Looking into this new year, while there will always be new challenges and opportunities unseen, FPA is well positioned to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.

FPA is constantly exploring more ways to engage the supply chain, including flexible packaging customers and service providers to the industry. Packaging sustainability is at a tipping point, with a renewed focus on collecting and recycling packaging materials to foster and build circular economy principles across the packaging value chain. In 2022, we will add new categories of membership, primarily to ensure that our advocacy and promotion efforts align with the entire breadth of the flexible packaging industry. With two extended producer responsibility laws on the books in 2021 and more to come this year—as well as a myriad of labeling, post-consumer recycled content, and toxics in packaging legislation pending or being implemented—this is the time to Unite for Flexibles!

There are great reasons why flexible packaging is the fastest-growing category of packaging in the U.S. and No. 1 globally. FPA has the data and metrics to continue to advance the industry’s growth in the U.S. FPA is reimaging how to collect and disseminate this data, however, to bring the information into the 21st century and give members the ability to use what they need, how they need it. In 2022, we will be unveiling not only a new and improved State of the U.S. Flexible Packaging Industry report but consolidated and updated business and industry reports. FPA will also continue to provide the market-based information both members and policymakers need regarding the sustainability, convenience, and versatility of flexible packaging in the markets it serves, as well as future markets.

We were able to convene face-to-face in 2021 after a year and a half of virtual meetings and conference calls. It was incredible to get back together and do so safely. We plan on being back to two in-person meetings again in 2022, with more opportunities for networking at both meetings. Our Emerging Leadership Council is also planning two in-person meetings and at least another networking event in 2022. Our social media presence through LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook will grow with the addition of TikTok. Where there are flexible packaging conversations and gatherings, FPA will be there. We urge you to join us—let’s protect, promote, examine, and interact together. Let’s Unite for Flexibles!

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Alison Keane, Esq., IOM, CAE
President and CEO
Flexible Packaging Association